Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon: How To Enable Your Wireless Connection On Boot

After upgrading to Ubuntu 7.10 and use it for a few days I've started finding some issues related to my Internet connection.

The most annoying one is that my wireless connection is disabled on boot, this happened just in one of my desktops, I had to manually run /etc/init.d/networking restart every time I started a session.

Today I've found the solution, it's called wicd and replaces Gnome's Network Manager.

To install wicd follow these steps:

  1. sudo apt-get remove network-manager-gnome network-manager
  2. Download and install the .deb file from the wicd download page.
  3. Run /opt/wicd/tray.py & to start wicd applet.
  4. Open wicd settings by clicking on the applet. The button to save your changes is not that obvious, you must click on connect (which doesn't look like a button) on the Network section. Take a look at /opt/wicd/data/wireless-settings.conf to confirm your changes are saved.
  5. To get the applet on every boot go to System > Preferences > Sessions and click on Remember currently running applications in Session Options.
  6. Reboot to confirm the applet and your connection are working. If your Internet connection is not ready for certains applications you may need to reduce order, I use 40, for /opt/wicd/tray.py in the Current Session section at System > Preferences > Sessions.

I still have some issues with DNS resolution, they seem to be related to IPv6 as reported in many sites, and for some reason I can't load Campaign Monitor, so, if you run Gutsy and find the solution please let me know.

Good luck!

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Finally the answer i have been looking for, thank you very very much!!! jeffro

I had similar problem with

I had similar problem with 7.10 running on dell latitude D600. It all worked after installing wicd. Good work!

Is it possible without wicd

I would have the wireless enabled at boot time, only with /etc/network/interfaces configured (I have already purged networkmanager), and I don't want to install wicd. Is it possible ?

Thanks in advance.

thanks this is good to know

thanks this is good to know

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