Hosting Moving Time: From VPS To Colocated

I've spent almost two years running a VPS with JaguarPC (affiliate link) and now it's time to move my stuff and change my hosting provider, and this time I'm going the colocation way.

moving my stuff

JaguarPC has been great, their services and customer support have worked quite good for me and I've recommended them to many friends. They also have nice shared plans if that's all you need.

I decided to move because I bought a server and opted for colocation in a Los Angeles's datacenter with WebNX. There I'll host all of Ventanazul's sites, including new projects for this year. The guys at WebNX, Dan and everybody aboard, have helped me a lot during all the months I've been with them (I've been running many test sites and services in the server before moving) and I gladly recommend them for dedicated and colocation solutions.

And even if my VPS at JaguarPC, running CentOS 4.3, was good enough for all the sites I ran, I wanted something that could escalate for increasing traffic; I needed a dedicated box and an updated OS too.

Now I run Ubuntu 7.10, no freaking panel control of course, in an AMD Dual Opteron 252 with 4 Gb. RAM and almost 300 Gb. in two SCSI hard disks.

Oh yeah, it feels nice.

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