Repairing My Laptop: Amber Back To Life

Some days ago Amber, my loyal Pangolin from System 76, stopped working, apparently due to some power supply issue.

The System 76 guys were very kind, they helped me to discard the problem via email and offered me to repair it at not cost, honoring the warranty, but I was in Lima and couldn't ship it on time.

For a few days, while I used Lucy, Yesenia's Vostro 1000, a very reliable laptop that I got at a great price, I was thinking about my options. Dell has some incredible offers once in a while and I could have purchased a new machine but felt really bad about leaving Amber.

I asked on Twitter and Alvaro contacted me with Roger, a dude at downtown Lima. He found the problem was a few fried chips and a dead screen, yeah, that part scared the hell out of me.

A couple of days ago I went to Roger's office, a tiny place, and watched how he replaced the bad chips and the screen. After a few hours of surgery Amber was back. Total cost: US$ 360, what I consider a fair price for repairing a nice lappy .

Everything works great and even if I had Gutsy working all right and my data was safely stored I took some time to install Hardy Heron 64 bits and get the most of the Core 2 Duo in the Pangolin.

Welcome back home Amber!

System 76

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