Do we need Twitter undo?

Many many times I've posted some tweet just to realize, one second later, that I made a typo. I've always thought about the need of a Twitter undo function, or at least edit, to avoid these embarrasing moments.

How could this work? A few seconds to have the chance to modify what you just tweeted perhaps?

I always check many times before tweeting anything but even so there are mistakes.

What do you think? Do we need Twitter undo?

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I'm not actually too

I'm not actually too convinced, I kinda like it the way it works right now. Sure, there can be some issues with misspellings and grammar digressions (which can be a PITA if you are a language nazi as I think you are like myself, as well), but, like real-life conversations, I think we are trained to ignore a certain amount of mistakes and can reconstruct quite well main ideas and messages.

Besides, adding an extra layer (even one as simple as having a 5-second-edit window ) would affect the Twitter minimalist way. Perhaps it should be something to be corrected as a client-side feature (confirmations, some sort of Outbox or something like that) that you can opt-in by choosing the client.

Then we need a Wordpress comments undo function too!

Then we need a Wordpress comments undo function too!

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