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System76 Starling: a new Ubuntu friendly netbook

System 76 Starling

System76, the company that focuses on Ubuntu based computers, has just launched its first netbook model, the Starling.

#5Kf, our little Twitter race from Latin America

I've started a quick race for 5000 followers on Twitter, I'm calling it the race to #5Kf. If you want to help just follow me: @alexisbellido on Twitter.

If I win the race I'll give away an Asus Eee PC netbook to one of my 5000 followers and help the Hemophilia Peruvian Association to get a new law approved to improve the lives of thousands of boys with Hemophilia.

Yes, this is inspired in the Ashton thing. And yes, I do think social media can really change the way we live.

The complete details, in Spanish, here: la carrera por los 5000 en Twitter.

First ten years of Google

Yep, happy birthday Google.

Let's celebrate by visiting the timeline of the first ten years, a historic document including from the first days at Stanford and the now famous Bechtolsheim's US$ 100000 check up to Chrome.

Finally, A New Ventanazul Design On Its Way

Yep, I can confirm the new design is finally progressing. I have a total of ten mockups planned, with three already done. The concept is complete and all wireframes are in place.

This week I'm on the final touches with Gimp and should start hacking HTML and CSS next week to later move everything to Drupal 6. I don't want to throw a release date yet but I'm pretty sure it will be before leaving to Cancún.

I'm documenting all the process and will have some interesting articles about it when the site is launched.

I can't, well, I don't want really, tell you more but here's a small preview.

Ventanazul - Chancho de madera

First Problems For Mygazines

Mygazines, the site for sharing magazines, just needed a few days to start attracting legal problems from the major players in the publishing industry.

Magazine Publishers of America has sued Salveo Ltd, the owner of Mygazines, and the Periodical Publishers Association, in the UK, is suggesting its members to do the same.

Mygazines, Sharing Magazines Online

Mygazines is a new service that allows sharing magazines (scanned versions with a nice resolution) and read them using a simple but practical Flash viewer.

According to the press release this is similar to what you dentist does when he puts a few magazines on his waiting room. If you say it that way it sounds quite natural and legal, isn't it?

Is Mygazines testing the waters to see which problems attracts? There are many copyrighted magazines on the site, PC Magazine, The New Yorker, Cosmopolitan, to name just a few, and I think it's illegal to share those, to reproduce them actually.

We all know that the big money for many magazines is in advertising and Mygazines is helping them to reach a bigger audience; however, I wonder what will publishers like Marvel, who offer their Digital Comics service, do if a few issues of Ultimate X-Men appear on Mygazines.

What about Zinio?

magazines online

Is Mygazines part of the next revolution in digital content or just a new idea about to fail?

Cancun, Mexico, Here We Go!

Thanks to my cuate Manolo Guerrero (yep, the jQuery guy) I'll be offering a couple of keynotes at Mexico Web 2.0 next November. Many web guys from Latin America will be there, including a few of the great friends I met in Guatemala last year.

We'll have a few familiar speakers on the event as well: Leo Prieto, Christian van der Henst and Freddie Vega. I can only imagine what this gang will do during Cancun's nights.

The event's website is not ready yet but there's already some activity via Twitter.

So, start saving for your plane tickets and see you soon in Cancun!

Mexico Web 2.0

A Facebook Bug Causes Lots of Headaches To Developers

Facebook logo

I had a good day yesterday. After spending almost six hours debugging a problem with Internet Explorer (yeah, old news) and a Drupal based Facebook application we're writing for 49st I finally found a solution.

However, this morning I found that the same code that was working yesterday showed some nasty error message. What now?

MacWorld 2008: Is Apple About To Launch A New Ultraportable?

Rumours onlike talk about Apple announcing a new ultraportable tomorrow at MacWorld 2008. Some have even guessed the new product could include Air as part of its name, maybe because of the There's something in the air message at Apple's website.

Looking forward to Steve Jobs' keynote in a few hours to decide if I start my gizmos wishlist for 2008 with an Apple toy.

Confirmed! It's the MacBook Air starting at US$ 1799.

Everex CloudBook, A New Ultra Portable Coming

Everex announced in CES 2008 that its new ultra portable: CloudBook, will be available at Walmart, and I think probably in many other online stores, on January 25th and will cost US$ 399.

Everex CloudBook