Flock 2 and your Internet connection lost in Ubuntu Hardy

Flock logoI recently installed the new Flock 2. I've always liked Flock and the way it integrates the browser with so many social web services. And it's now based on Firefox 3 code so it seems to run faster and more stable than before.

But right after installing and browsing a bit, I'm on Ubuntu Hardy 64 bits, I noticed my Internet connection was gone. It wasn't really gone but Flock couldn't connect to any site external to my computer.

I tried googling around and found the fix. The funny thing is that what my search returned was an article I had written with the solution some time ago. Here's the solution to the Internet connection lost in Flock in Spanish.

And here's the English version.

How to fix the connection lost problem with Flock

Open Flock and follow these steps:

  • Write about:config on Flock's address bar.
  • Write ipv6 to filter the parameters list.
  • We're looking for network.dns.disableIPv6. Right click on it and choose Toggle to change the value to true.
  • Presto! Flock now can get online without problems in Ubuntu Hardy.

Opera 9.50b2 for Linux 64 bits

Opera, a nice browser

Opera is a great browser and the latest beta offers nice features, including a few tools for web developers.

I'm not sure why the 64 bits version for Linux is hidden on Opera's site but anyway, if you're looking for it get it here: Opera 9.50b2 for Linux 64 bits. It's Opera's FTP server.

Safari 3 Beta (And Works With Windows)

I've just noticed that Apple has launched a beta of Safari 3, its excellent browser. The good thing is it runs on Windows, something quite useful for those unhappy web developers who still hasn't got a Mac but need to test their site with Safari.

Of course we still need a Mac user to tell us if what we see in Safari Windows is the same we'd see in Safari Mac.

Now we only need Safari Linux to make this world a perfect place.

Internet Explorer 7 Running on Linux

Good news for web developers running Linux: IEs 4 Linux 2.5 Beta 2 is now available and can run Internet Explorer 7.

Just run the following command during installation:

ies4linux --beta-install-ie7

I'm sure this will help many of us, Linux lovers web developers.

Important: This is just the engine of Internet Explorer 7, the user interface looks like version 6, but that's irrelevant when you just want to test a design.